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Cool Japan
PARCO Cool Japan Project


The Cool Japan initiative was established by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to promote Japanese culture, products and services overseas. Through a series of promotional events, a platform can be developed for overcoming the three obstacles – marketing, store management and back office know how- that hinder the entrance of new Japanese brands into the ASEAN market.


PARCO’s experience and presence in Asia provides a platform for the next generation of designers and creators from Japan and the host countries to integrate, incubate and develop hit products through local collaboration.


PARCO also organises promotion activities such as trade shows, fashion shows and pop-up shops to introduce Japan’s next generation fashion brands to the local market.

Hello, Shibuya Tokyo Singapore (2013)


Pop-up shop

A total of 30 brand shops and 26 designers that embodies the "Shibuya of now” were showcased.

Fashion Show 


Featuring the next generation of Japanese designers and designers who graduated from PARCO next NEXT project.

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